Willmar Ambulance becomes the first emergency medical service in the U.S to use the Vitals™ App

The Willmar Ambulance Service is starting off their 2019 as the very FIRST emergency medical service in Minnesota and the U.S to be using the Vitals™ App.

This department of Carris Health has equipped 30 emergency medical technicians and 6 EMS vehicles with IPADs set up to receive the Vitals™ signal when they approach a potential patient.

“This app has the potential to help us better understand our patients and the situations we might be called into,” said Brad Hanson, director of EMS. “It can be particularly helpful in settings where there may be a disability, or an elderly person, who has medical information that is valuable for us to know as we arrive to help them.”

Willmar Ambulance Service is the first, but definitely not the last!

Vitals™ is available for EMTs across the United States. 

For more information about Vitals™ for emergency medical services, please contact us!