When minutes matter and seconds count

You want to protect your loved ones, but you can’t always be there. As a caregiver of an individual with special needs or other invisible conditions, you understand that an emergency or other high-stress situation may cause anxiety, panic, or an unpredictable response that could turn into a dangerous situation.

Let Vitals™ Profile911 be there when you can’t be.
Vitals™ provides the only digital profile and medical ID to first responders in real-time. In partnership with more than 85% of the emergency call centers in the United States, Vitals™ Profile911 relays critical information you provide about your loved one’s invisible condition—enabling a safer response.

When you subscribe to the Vitals™ Profile911, you enter any information you wish to share. You may update it as often as you’d like, including:

•  Critical medical ID alerts
•  Codewords or calming cues
•  Confidential emergency contacts 
•  A personal video message or other compassionate de-escalation tips

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How does it work?

Individuals and caregivers who subscribe to Vitals™ create a profile with critical information about the vulnerable person. The information provided is 100% voluntary and is only seen by authorized first responders and 911 dispatchers. 

Caregivers or guardians create a secure data file stored in the cloud with information about a vulnerable individual’s medical, mental health or other invisible condition. 

Vitals™ provides the only digital profile and medical ID to first responders in real-time. When a call is made to 911 from a registered phone number in a Vitals™ 911 profile, the profile is served up to 911 dispatchers to relay life saving information. 

Your peace of mind begins today.

Subscribe to the Vitals™ Profile911 App for only $2.99/month or $29.99/year.

1. Create a Vitals™ account using our secure form on this page

We’ll send you an email verification and link to download the Vitals™ App.

2. Select a monthly or annual subscription plan in the app

Payment is processed through your secure and trusted Apple App Store or Google Play.

3. Create a Vitals™ Profile911 for your loved one in the app 

All information is encrypted, secure and in compliance with CCPA, GDPR and FirstNet data standards

Let Vitals™ Profile911 speak to responders when you can’t be there.
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If you have questions, please email support@thevitalsapp.com