Stories of Hope

Vitals™ Member Stories

Changing lives one story at a time

Vitals enables safer community interactions by allowing individuals with visible and invisible disabilities to create and share a personalized digital profile with authorized first responders via a secure, mobile app – improving real-time communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, and promoting greater independence.
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Sharing stories, building hope.

At Vitals™, we want to give our users and members hope. Hope that when they leave the house they are protected. They now have a safety net that is going to speak for them when they need it the most. Everyone has a story to tell and we are so honored that we get to share the stories of our Vitals™ members and how our service helped them avoid crisis situations with law enforcement. If you would like to share your story or a family members story please let us know by contacting us below! 

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We have a growing community of followers on our Facebook page and we would love for you, your friends and family to join us as we continue to build awareness and touch the lives of people all across the country! See what were doing in and around your community and get updates on our latest and greatest! We want YOU to be apart of this amazing movement in making the world a safer place! 

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See our FAQs for further details. We’d appreciate hearing from you! By working together, we can make the world safer for vulnerable individuals. It starts with you!