For Seniors and Loved Ones with Dementia

Preventing the dangers of medical emergencies and wandering in real-time. Keep your wander prone loved one safer in their home. Receive real-time alerts when they stray too far from you.

Maintain Safety and Their Independence

  • Digital Medical ID
    Vitals™ Profile911 gives you the ability to share critical information such as disabilities and conditions, allergies, behavior triggers, de-escalation techniques, medications, emergency contact info and more!

  • Real-time Wandering Alerts
    Keep your wander-prone loved one safer in their home with Vitals™ ProfilePLUS. Receive real-time alerts when they stray too far from you.

  • Safety, Independence and Peace of Mind
    Rest easy with Vitals™ and our preventative solutions. Help your loved one stay safe, increase the longevity of living at home and gain peace of mind.

Senior man with dementia using an app


Senior woman with an app profile for her dementia

Update On-The-Go

Keep your loved one safe and gain a sense of relief knowing that they are protected wherever they go

Personal audio and video messages to help de-escalate a confused or worried loved one

Update certain medication regimens and important medical information

Bring your voice to the scene

Vitals™ Profile911 allows you to upload special messages or calming videos to help first responders de-escalate and communicate with your loved one in the way you know works best. 

The vitals app for seniors with dementia

“She’s among the millions of Americans caring for a loved one with dementia at home. And like many, she turned to tracking and monitoring devices to help her manage the daily juggle of working, ensuring her husband’s safety, and maintaining her own sanity…” Read More

There when you can't be

Assistive technology that sits at the intersection of safety, communication, independence and peace of mind. A proven device and app to enhance the safety of your loved one whereever they go – whether they are with or without you.

Start your subscription today!

Vitals™ Profile911 provides peace of mind for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.
Or consider our Vitals™ ProfilePLUS ($5.99 per month) or Vitals™ Profile+Places ($11.99 per month) services.

1. Create an account. We will send you a link to confirm.
2. Download the Vitals™ App and make your secure payment through the App store.
3. Create a Vitals™ Profile 911 within the app. 

Senior with medical complications