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Safer interactions for vulnerable individuals

Vitals™ looks beyond GPS tracking and utilizes Bluetooth technology to offer a real-time safety app and service for children and vulnerable individuals. Utilizing personalized information sharing to enable safer interactions and enhance better communication and understanding between them and first responders.  

Bridging the Information Gap

Vitals™ enables safer community interactions by allowing individuals with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities to create and share a personalized digital profile with authorized first responders via a secure, online portal and mobile app – improving real-time communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, and promoting greater independence.
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How it works

Each individual using the Vitals™ service carries a small Bluetooth device that is synced to their Vitals™ profile. First responders, using Vitals™, who come within 80 feet of the beacon, get automatically notified about the individual’s critical information. 


The vitals™ profile

Critical information provided in seconds

The Vitals™ service, available in 2 different plans, allows caregivers and individuals to create and manage a personalized profile including important information about themselves to help inform first responders about their various specialized needs and conditions. See sample below! 

Safety apps for individuals with disabilities

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Vitals™ service

We provide services and programs for public safety, education, healthcare providers.  Help us spread the word by sharing some information! Download our free service overview document.  

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Vitals™ news

Get our the latest updates on news, events, new partners, departments, and all things happening at Vitals™! 

Vitals™ news

Get the latest updates on news, events, new partners, departments, and all things happening at Vitals™! 

Individuals are passionate about Vitals™

The Vitals™ app saved my life

I absolutely love knowing that if something happens to me, first responders will know critical information about my illnesses and address the situation stated on my profile.

– Jack H, Vitals user

We’ve heard many passionate residents talk about the Vitals™ app!

“This service gives our officers another tool to use as they interact with vulnerable people in our community.”

– Chief Rutherford, Farmington Police

We are so thrilled this service exists for our kids!! 

“Vitals™ gives me tremendous peace of mind, knowing I can communicate with first responders even if I am not with my child.” 

– Katherine S, parent of special needs child 

Vitals™ for providers
and educators

Vitals™ can also be implemented in schools, residential and community based settings to provide support to the individuals and professionals who provide services. 

Know critical information in real-time

  • Understand each individual’s needs and behavior triggers 
  • Get access to personalized de-escalation techniques 
  • Have easy access to specific care instructions
  • Stay up to date on current medication
  • Develop closer relationships with residents, clients ands students

 Please contact us below to get more information on how Vitals™ can assist you, your organization and the people you serve!

Gain peace of mind with Vitals™ today

  • Improve Communication
  • Provide Greater independence
  • Gain Peace of Mind 
  • Maintain Their Safety 

Gain peace of mind with
Vitals™ today

  • Improve Communication 
  • Provide Greater Independence
  • Gain Peace of Mind 
  • Maintain Their Safety