Fostering a health and safety culture for care providers and educators

The Vitals™ Network is a great way for educators and service providers to care for and better connect with the individuals they serve. Vitals™ is now available for schools and residential and community based settings, offering a game-changing tool to help foster better communication among providers, educators, individuals and families.

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Real time access to personalized care information

Caregivers and individuals can supply critical information, triggers and proven behavioral care techniques, ensuring that providers and educators have a more in depth understanding about the individual’s personalized care information.  

The Vitals™ Network is an important resource for supporting individuals, caregivers and educators. Vitals™ ensures that caregivers and educators get the information they need when they need it. 

Quality service delivery driven by data

The Vitals™ Network allows administrators to control the distribution of information to those providing direct service. 

  • Integrated Administration Dashboard 
  • Assign staff to specific locations 
  • Create and manage client profiles 
  • Manage staff performance through key data metrics
  • Increased staff retention with critical information

Promoting inclusion through person-centered information sharing

The Vitals™ Network helps to foster and create a more inclusive experience by providing person-centered information about each individual.