Vitals is highly secure as demonstrated by its approved inclusion in the app catalog for FirstNet

the Vitals™ App

Vitals™ is a service designed to dramatically improve interactions between first responders and individuals with invisible and visible conditions and disabilities through the use of a bluetooth beacon and smartphone app technology. Our service provides greater peace of mind for families and a bridge of communication that is needed for first responders and vulnerable individuals


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Increasing Public Safety

The Vitals™ app is a game-changing tool supporting the core function of first responders – helping people and saving lives. Having this resource in the hands of first responders keeps them safer, their community safer and reduces costly encounters between themselves and people living with various conditions. 

Critical information for split-second decisions

Caregivers and individuals can supply critical information, triggers and proven de-escalation techniques, ensuring that first responders have the right information on how to respond to individuals with visible or invisible conditions and disabilities who may be at risk. 

Provided in real-time

First responders that come within 80 feet of a Vitals™ beacon are automatically notified and given information on how to best serve and protect the individual – reducing the risk of misunderstanding and negative interactions. 

Make your community safer with
the Vitals™ App

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