the Vitals™ App

We have designed a new app to help protect people with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities by voluntarily communicating critical information in real time to law enforcement and first responders.

Real-time information powered by the community

Individuals and caregivers have the ability to create and manage a personalized profile of critical information offered up in real-time to first responders whenever they are in the vicinity of a Vitals™ Beacon 

Creating safer communities together

We believe we all have a role in helping make our areas a safer place to live. By helping us share our story with others, we can hopefully share countless other stories of hope we have given to other families and individuals. 

Sharing Stories, building hope.

With our service, we strive to give our users and our members hope. Hope that when they leave the house that morning they are protected. They have a safety net that is going to speak for them when they need it the most. 


Watch Katelyn’s story and how the Vitals™ App helped her avoid a crisis situation with law enforcement.

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