Why Vitals?

Increase safety. Reduce stress. Build stronger communities.

Growing Safety Challenges

  • 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience a mental health crises, with more than 100 million people  having an invisible disability such as autism, PTSD, dementia, bipolar disorder, epilepsy,  and others.
  • Under stress, vulnerable individuals may become confused, defensive or scared;  first responders could interpret these reactions as aggressive or uncooperative.
  • 1 in 10 police encounters involve people with invisible mental health conditions, with  mental health calls more than doubling since 2011.
  • Up to 50% of all people who were killed or injured by police in the U.S. had some form of  mental illness or disability. Well-intentioned first responders must anticipate all potential risks. Without real-time information about vulnerable individuals, encounters may escalate into crises.

Our Solution Bridges the Communications Gap

You can share real-time information about a loved one (or yourself) with authorized first responders 24×7 via our secure Vitals™ mobile app and beacon.

  • Creates a safer environment for everyone involved.
  • Helps first responders plan for successful encounter.
  • Communicates special needs without a voice.
  • Offers peace of mind.
become A Vitals™ Member

Vitals™ Aware Services has launched in Minnesota and through the generous support of our partners, is currently free to individuals and caregivers. This is a limited-time offer; no credit card is required.

Sign-up is free. Simply complete the form here, or text ‘Vitals’ to 797979 on your mobile phone. Your account will be automatically created, and will walk you through how to create your Vitals™ profile and obtain a beacon. It’s that simple.

By joining Vitals™, you are joining a movement to support safer communities for all vulnerable individuals and first responders. Your participation matters!

Where is Vitals™ Today?

Vitals™ is rapidly expanding across Minnesota and select other states. Click below to see which communities are involved. If your community is not listed, we’d love to partner with you to expand coverage. Together we can make a difference!

Need More Information?

See our FAQs for further details. We’d appreciate hearing from you! By working together, we can make the world safer for vulnerable individuals. It starts with you!

Vitals™ Community

“I absolutely love knowing that if something happens to me, first responders will know critical information about my illnesses and address the situation stated on my profile.”

Jack Herrmann