Get started in 3 easy steps

Step one

Order a Vitals™ Bluetooth device. This device is used and worn by the vulnerable individual. It helps share critical information and gives you real-time alerts when they wander off.

Step two

Download the Vitals™ App on your smartphone device or tablet. Available on Android and iOS.
Free trial for 30 days!

Step three

Create your account and Vitals™ Profile inside the Vitals™ App. Add critical information, de-escalation techniques, medications, triggers and more.

Order your Bluetooth Device

Each device requires a $4.99/mo subscription to our Vitals™ app. FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!

Standard Beacon - FREE

Small, lightweight plastic enclosure. Choose between a single-sided attachment or double-sided.

Tag Beacon

Small, lightweight beacon to be used as a keychain, put in a wallet or attached to a phone.

Wristband Beacon

Waterproof beacon that comes with a non-removable medical band to ensure maximum safety.


Download the Vitals™ App

Create your Vitals™ Account

Create your loved one's profile with critical information

Sync your Bluetooth device to the Vitals™ Profile and begin using

Maintain Safety and Their Independence

  • Digital Medical ID
    Vitals™ gives you the ability to share critical information such as disabilities and conditions, allergies, behavior triggers, de-escalation techniques, medications, emergency contact info and more!

  • Real-time Wandering Alerts
    Keep your wander prone loved one safer in their home. Receive real-time alerts when they stray too far from you.

  • Safety, Independence and Peace of Mind
    Rest easy with Vitals™ and our preventative solution. Help your loved one stay safe, maintain their independence in their community and get peace of mind.

Senior man with dementia using an app