Frequently Asked Questions 


What is Vitals™?

Vitals™ is a service designed to dramatically improve interactions between first responders, educators, providers and individuals with physical, behavioral, mental, or developmental conditions through the use of signaling a beacon and smart phone app technologies. The Vitals™ service is comprised of apps; designed to create safer environments for individuals living with invisible or visible conditions and disabilities and to give responders, educators and providers a deeper understanding about the individuals they serve. 

How does Vitals™ work?

A individual using the Vitals™ service carries a beacon that is synced to secure information about that individual (the Vitals™ Profile App also serves as a non-physical beacon). When an authorized first responder, educator or provider comes within 80 feet of the individual, they receive an alert through their smartphone via their Vitals™ App notifying them about that individual and their specific needs. The Vitals™ profile provides information to help these authorized users make informed decisions on how to safely interact and communicate with individuals.

How does Vitals™ differ from tracking devices?

The Vitals™ App equips first responders, educators and providers with personalized information about an individual that helps ensure better communication and safer interactions. No other device has this capability. Our technology does not track where the individual has been. It only pinpoints the location where an interaction has occurred on a map. 

Does Vitals™ partner with any non-profits or advocacy groups?

Our company partners with various non-profit organizations and advocacy groups such as: The Autism Society of Minnesota (founding partner), Arc Minnesota, PACER Center, Wellness in the Woods, Project Lifesaver International, Minnesota Independence College & Community, Hammer Residences. We are actively working to partner with other organizations to expand our reach and spread awareness to individuals across the country. If you are interested in a potential partnership, please contact us.

Vitals™ - Individuals and Caregivers

Is Vitals™ available to everyone?

Yes. Vitals™ is available to all.  Our service expands beyond individuals with disabilities. Vitals™ can be used for multiple conditions ranging from allergies to Alzheimer’s. Below are some other examples: 

Alzheimer’s/dementia, epilepsy, allergies, autism, mental health challenges, developmental and intellectual disabilities, diabetes, schizophrenia, behavioral disorders, individuals with several medications, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety 

How do I create a Vitals™ profile?

Once users create their free account, they choose which Vitals™ Plan they want: Vitals™ Classic or Vitals™ Premium. Depending on this choice users will be directed to the online portal or instructed to download the Vitals™ Premium App. Users will be given a walkthrough of how to create and manage their profiles. With Vitals™ Classic, users are able to create 1 free profile – beacon must be purchased or an Android phone can be used as a beacon with our free Vitals™ Beacon App. With Vitals™ Premium, users are able to create up to 5 profiles – each profile receives 1 free beacon.

What is the difference between the Vitals™ Classic and Vitals™ Premium services?

Vitals™ Classic is only web-based unlike the app-based Vitals™ Premium. Vitals™ HomeBase along with our interactive mapping feature are not available in for Vitals™ Classic. Only one profile can be managed with the free service compared to up to 5 with the premium. 

Who who would be ideal customers for Vitals™ HomeBase?

Anyone who randomly wanders away from family or caregivers. Youth with autism, seniors with dementia, people with severe mental health challenges, etc. 

Is my loved one at risk if I don't have the premium service?

Subscribing to the free service is better than none at all. But we think the premium service is a much better option for most individuals and families. Most prefer the user-friendly experience of a smartphone app. Caregivers can manage multiple profiles from one account. It also gives you access to our new Vitals™ HomeBase feature where users are alerted when their loved one has left the area. 

Can I use the Vitals™ App without a smartphone?

Yes! The Vitals™ Classic plan is our free plan that offers classic Vitals™ utility, but is managed strictly online. Users do not need a smartphone to use Vitals™ Classic. Vitals™ Premium gives users utility through the app and through the online portal. The difference between our app and our online portal is through our app, you can update information and see Vitals™ interactions at any time with a click of a button. You can still manage and update information in our online portal, however, users will need to login through our website. 

Vitals™ Network - Schools and Providers

What is the Vitals™ Network?

The Vitals™ Network offers a new way for educators and service providers to care for and better connect with individuals they serve. The Network focuses on providing schools, residential and community-based settings a real-time information tool to help foster better communication among providers, educators, individuals and families. Assigning staff to specific locations, uploading important medical documents, care plans, and individualized education plans are some key features of the Vitals™ Network. Click to Learn more.

Who can use the Vitals™ Network?

Network was designed as a tool for staff administrators and residential program managers to get a deeper, real time understanding about the individuals they serve and care for. Staff administrators of schools and residential and community-based settings have access to the Network and can offer Vitals™ to their residents/students/participants and their families that can be used throughout the course of an individual’s time at the organization, school or institution. 

Are we as providers and educators allowed to use Network outside of our organization?

When an organization, school or institution signs up for the Vitals™ Network, permissions for the program are only allowed on the grounds of the location and can only be used for the individuals that attend or participate at that specific location. Users on the Vitals™ Network do not have access to any other Vitals™ profiles outside of the organization. Field trips and group outings still apply as they are within the organization or institution. 

Does this work for group homes and assisted living?

Yes! The Vitals™ Network can work for any residential or community-based settings. It can also work for schools, hospitals, clinics, institutions, organizations, nursing homes, work programs and independent living programs. If you are interested in getting the Vitals™ Network for your organization please contact us.

Can I get Vitals™ Network if my local law enforcement is not signed up?

The Vitals™ Network is a stand-alone program for schools, residential and community-based settings. First responders and local law enforcement do not need to be using our service for Vitals™ Network to work. Staff administrators, managers and individuals and families that are participating/receiving care are given access to the Network and may use Vitals™ within the vicinity of the organization or institution.

Can I join the Network if I am already using the Vitals™ App?

Yes. Individuals and families already using the Vitals™ App can use their communities’ Vitals™ Network at no cost. Users on the network may receive access through their school administrators, providers or residential program managers. Families on the Network will have the ability to see their loved one’s Network profile, interactions and feedback. 

Vitals™ First Responder App

Who has access to the First Responder App?

The Vitals™ First Responder App was designed for law enforcement, EMTs and fire departments. To receive access to the First Responder App, first responders must be authorized by Vitals and go through the on-boarding/training process. Responders cannot sign up individually, they must sign up as a department. First responders interested in signing up their department can contact us here.

Does Vitals™ allow first responders to track a person using the Vitals™ App?

No. Authorized first responders receive an alert and access to an individual’s Vitals™ profile when they are within 80 feet of a Vitals™ beacon. The information is not available once the responder is outside of the 80 feet.  First responders cannot search or track an individual outside of the given range. 

How much does Vitals™ cost for a department?

First responder pricing is based on the number of user accounts purchased within a department. Departments are charged on 3, 2 and 1 year terms. If you would like an estimate for your department, please reach out on our contact us form. 

Can I reach a caregiver through the Vitals™ App if I need to?

Yes. When a first responder comes within 80 feet of a Vitals™ beacon, the profile will appear, and the caregiver’s contact information will be shown at the bottom of the profile. The Vitals™ App is a voluntary service, though we suggest putting contact information in, we cannot guarantee all profiles have emergency contact information. 

Vitals™ Beacons

Are your beacons free?

Currently, when an individual signs up for the Vitals™ Premium service, we send one free standard keychain beacon. Individuals who choose Vitals™ Classic will need to purchase a beacon at a cost of $20.00. If multiple individuals (profiles) are under one account, you will need to purchase beacons for those profiles or use the Vitals™ Profile App.

What is the Vitals™ Profile App?

The Vitals™ Profile App is a non-physical beacon that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store or Apple StoreWe offer the Profile App as an option for individuals who do not want our keychain or card beacons Android phones may use the profile app as an actual beacon that uses bluetooth. IOS phones may use the profile app, but it will not act as a bluetooth beacon, only a profile preview when the app is open. 

Do all Vitals™ beacons work the same?

All physical beacons that are purchased through our store or are received upon sign up use the same bluetooth technology. The Vitals™ Profile App is a non-physical beacon that can be downloaded for free on the app store if one does not want a physical beacon or would like extra protection. 

*Note: Android phones may use the profile app as an actual beacon that uses bluetooth. IOS phones may use the profile app, but it will not act as a bluetooth beacon, only a profile preview when the app is open. 

Do Vitals™ Classic users need to purchase a beacon?

Yes. Individuals who sign up for Vitals™ Classic will need to purchase a beacon once they create their account. Those using Android phones may also use our non-physical beacon option, The Vitals™ Profile App. This App is only available for Android phones and is free of charge.

What happens if I lose my beacon?

If a beacon is lost or misplaced, please contact support. There is no data being stored on the beacon which means no one will be able to access your data or information. By contacting us, we can deactivate the lost beacon from the profile and begin activating a new one. Replacement beacons are $20. 

How do I know the battery life of my beacon?

Whether you are using Vitals™ Classic or Vitals™ Premium, you can check the battery life of each beacon and its last updated date, by logging into your account (app or online) and click on “beacons” within the profile. Make sure your beacon is in close proximity and your smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on for an optimal reading. The battery life will show next to the beacon number.

Privacy & Security

If my beacon is lost, is my information safe?

If you lose your Vitals™ beacon, your information is still safe because there is no data being stored on the beacon. If you lose your beacon, please reach out and let us know so we can deactivate the old, and sync you a new one. You will need to purchase a new beacon via our Vitals™ store. 

Does Vitals™ allow law enforcement to track my child or person in care?

No. Authorized first responders only receive an alert and access to an individual’s Vitals™ profile when they are within 80 feet of a Vitals™ beacon. Law enforcement cannot search or track an individual outside of this given range.

Are first responders the only ones who have access to my information?

Yes. First Responders only have access to your information when they are within 80 feet of the Vitals™ Beacon. The First responders who carry our service have to get cleared and given access by a Vitals™ Admin while also attend our Vitals™ on-boarding and training session. The Vitals™ administrative team has access to account information. 

Where is the information stored?

Information is protected with bank-level security and is stored in our secure private cloud network. Data is not stored on the individual beacons as our beacons only act as a signal transmitter to the First Responder App. If you have more questions about privacy and data, we would love to help. Please contact us here.  


Where do I go if I have a question or need help with my Vitals™ app or beacon?

Here at Vitals™ we strive to support you to our fullest ability. If you have questions about our services, you can reach out to us at any time by clicking here. Before you do so, we ask that you take a look through our FAQs – you may just find what you are looking for! 🙂 Our office hours are from 9-5 Monday- Friday. If you reach out to us over the weekend we will answer your questions as soon as we can!

How do I get beacons for additional profiles in my account?

When you sign up for Vitals™, you receive a free account and one free beacon. However, multiple profiles can be made within a Vitals™ account. We do not offer free beacons to every additional profile within Vitals™. If you are looking to add multiple profiles, you will need to order them via our Vitals™ store. Purchased beacons come pre-synced and with one battery replacement.