Frequently Asked Questions

A vulnerable individual using the Vitals™ service carries a small beacon that contains a personal profile created by his or her caregiver. When an authorized first responder receives an alert that a vulnerable individual is within 30-80 feet, the first responder can access that profile and use the information to make informed decisions on how to safely handle the situation. The personal profile is created by the caregiver and is under the caregiver’s control. It can be changed as often as the caregiver wishes.

The Vitals™ app equips first responders with personalized information about an individual that helps insure a safer interaction. No other device has that capability. We do not track where the individual has been.

You can create a profile using the free Vitals™ Caregiver App, available for both iOS and Android. To obtain it, visit the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your mobile device and download the application. Once installed, launch the app and follow the instructions provided to set up a Vitals™ profile. We do not have access to information in the profiles. Only the caregivers have access.

Once you have the Vitals™ Caregiver App downloaded to your phone and you’ve received your beacon, you can sync the beacon to the profile you created. First, sign into the Vitals™ Caregiver app. It will automatically scan for nearby beacons. When the new beacon is found, it will appear on the screen. Select the beacon on your screen and click Continue. Next, select the individual from your profiles that will carry this beacon. Click Assign Beacon. Now you are using Vitals™.

If you need assistance setting up your service, send an email to with a 2-3 sentence description of your issue. A member of the Vitals™ team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

There many ways in which you can attach the beacon. Most caregivers choose to place the beacon in an individuals backpack, in a wallet, on a lanyard, or attach it to a piece of clothing. We are researching other methods that will help make it easier for the beacon to remain attached to individuals. We will share advice with caregivers in the future. Don’t forget, the attachment issue also can be addressed by using the downloadable Vitals™ Beacon app for Android devices.

If the individual in your care has an Android  5.0+ device or is comfortable having one at all times, the Vitals™ Beacon app is a good choice. The app is free. 

Otherwise, your choice is the Vitals™ Beacon, which will cost $20 per beacon. The beacons come in multiple forms, ranging from a credit card sized disposable beacon lasting more than a year, to a button sized beacon with replaceable battery, lasting about 6 months.

Replacement Vitals™ Beacons can be ordered on the Vitals™ store for $20 and ship within 2-3 business days. The Vitals™ Beacon app for Android never needs replacing.

No. Authorized first responders receive an alert and access to an individual’s Vitals™ profile when they are within 30 – 80 feet of a Vitals™ beacon. Law enforcement cannot search or track an individual outside of the given range.

If a person in your care is lost, you should always call 911 and report an emergency. Typically, dispatch will then communicate to officers about the individual. The Vitals™ device can help locate the lost person if an officer is alerted that they are in range.

Please contact us by sending an email to or contact us here.


Many states, including Minnesota, offer assistance programs that may underwrite or completely pay for the cost of using Vitals™ Aware Services. In addition, some foundations are working with Vitals™ to provide assistance. Contact us here for information.

Vitals™ Aware Services is the first service brought to market by VariAware, Inc.,  founded by a group of entrepreneurs working with the Autism Society of Minnesota as well as the St. Paul, MN, police department.