Parents and caregivers are the experts when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Vitals™ gives them a powerful resource to communicate their loved ones’ needs to first responders in real time. Safety. Communication. Prevention. Peace of Mind.

Real-time Medical ID

The only digital medical ID shared with first responders in real-time. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings during medical or mental health emergencies.

Vitals™ gives you the ability to share critical information such as disabilities and conditions, allergies, behavior triggers, de-escalation techniques, medications, emergency contact info and more!

Wandering Alerts

Your loved one is quick and is a world class escape artist. Get real-time alerts when your ‘little Houdini’ is in action before they get too far. 

Vitals App Wandering alert feature

Endorsed by the Autism Society of Minnesota

“It is clear that they are prioritizing families and individuals on the spectrum as they continue to work on creating real solutions in making our cities and state safer for citizens and emergency responders. I hope many families will get the chance to learn about the tools they have to offer.”

~ Ellie Wilson, Executive Director 

mom using a medical ID for her daughter

Bring your voice to the scene

Vitals™ allows you to upload special messages or calming videos to help first responders de-escalate and communicate with your loved one the way you know works best.


“This is something for me that gives me great comfort when sending my son out, and Vitals™ has given him more independence and the ability to get out without me having to worry about him“.

Paula B.
Vitals™ Parent Caregiver

"My wife, and I bought the Vitals service to be able to track our son who is autistic, and non-verbal“.

Jeff R.
Vitals™ Parent Caregiver

“We have been a part of Vitals™ a few years now. I have two boys that are on the Autism spectrum in the program. LOVE this company and everything it has done for our community."

Mary C.
Vitals™ Parent Caregiver

There when you can't be

Assistive technology that sits at the intersection of safety, communication, independence and peace of mind. A proven device and app to enhance the safety of your loved one wherever they go – whether they are with or without you.

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