3 reasons why the Vitals™ Network is enhancing the educational experience for students, parents and educators

Vitals™ Aware Services has expanded its platform of services to include educational institutions, medical and service providers and other non-traditional first responder agencies. This technology was built to provide innovative resources that allows educators and providers to better understand, interact and engage with the individuals they serve.

Using the Vitals™ Network, teachers and authorized school staff members will be able to get to know and understand each student’s most pressing needs, mental health challenges and/or disabilities and learning styles in the classroom, and with a touch of a button, deliver a living IEP instantaneously. Understanding each student’s individual needs and learning styles in real time allows educators to more effectively prepare for daily lessons, protect instructional time and provide an inclusive environment.

Why choose The Vitals™ Network for your school district? We have 3 reasons why our technology is enhancing the educational experience and student safety.


Our technology offers real time access to information critical to educators.

The Vitals™ Network allows educators and other authorized personnel immediate access to a student’s critical information. Often, mental health challenges go undetected and are invisible to most; having a broad impact on a student’s learning, achievement and educational experience. With the Vitals™ Network, educators are provided critical information first-hand, right as a student enters the school or classroom. It helps improve real-time communication between student and teacher, and it reduces the risk of misunderstandings, medical emergencies and escalated situations.

The service allows parents, guardians and educators the ability to maintain a personalized student profile that is voluntarily shared with teachers and other key school staff that work directly with students.


Saves valuable instructional time and reduces distractions

Many educators argue that there is never enough time to connect with each of their students. Therefore, protecting instructional time is the second reason why the Vitals™ Network enhances the educational experience. The Vitals™ Network gives teachers the ability to understand each student’s learning style and personalized instruction. Having the Vitals™ Network available to your teachers will help them better plan and prepare for lessons, protect precious instructional time and have fewer classroom distractions due to behavior.


The Vitals™ Network increases inclusivity through person-centered information sharing

In an inclusive classroom, general education and special education teachers work hand in hand to meet the needs of their students. The Vitals™ Network is the perfect resource to provide general and special education teachers the information they need to effectively accommodate each student’s specific learning style. It also serves as a communication tool between educator, student and parent, making sure that the information is correct and up-to-date. Educators using the Vitals™ Network now have a real-time resource that helps them understand each individual student.


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