Help Us to Help You!

The time to act is now! Help us keep our first responders and our most vulnerable people healthy and safe during this worldwide pandemic

Our team could use your financial support to help with a major initiative that is underway to help save people’s lives and protect as many people as we can during this COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Vitals™ to donate services to first responders, emergency personnel and most vulnerable during COVID-19 pandemic
  • New Covid-19 feature to alert emergency responders in real-time that an individual may be at heightened risk if they contract COVID-19.
  • Looking for donations: Help us help those that are helping you

We have launched a new feature this week designed to help our dedicated first responders as they interact with people on the frontlines of this crisis. Some of these people have contracted COVID-19. Others have underlying conditions that put them at severe risk if they contract the virus.

This new COVID-19 feature will be available to all existing and new Vitals™ users. When first responders come within 80-feet of a Vitals™ user, they will be alerted immediately that the individual is at heightened risk if they contract COVID-19. The Vitals™ App communicates critical information that first responders need while allowing them to maintain a tactical and adequate distance for their own safety.

The Vitals™ App is the only digital smart phone-based technology for first responders that’s used on a daily basis by over 100 communities and currently reaches over 10,000 people. Our services are used in more than 75 public safety/first responder type agencies. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vitals™ had begun its national rollout in a number of states including California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. We were looking forward to managing a controlled and strategic rollout, but we also see the need to move with urgency during this COVID-19 crisis.

As part of this initiative, Vitals™ is partnering with government agencies, corporations and nonprofits to expeditiously get our app and beacons into the hands of people who need it. We are starting in Minnesota and will expand to other states as quickly as possible.

We need your support to get this nationwide. With help, we are capable of growing our numbers quickly. An equity investment is the easiest way to do it.  Please send us a message if you are interested and have questions.

For donations please visit this link: Help us help those that are helping you