Deephaven Police Department to begin using Vitals™ app

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This month, Deephaven police officers will begin using the Vitals app. The app helps improve interactions between patrol officers and people living with invisible and visible conditions and disabilities.

The app was developed as a way to enhance policing, give families of vulnerable individuals more peace of mind and improve the quality of life for people living with various conditions and disabilities.

Vitals™ was launched in August 2017 and has expanded to 26 public safety agencies. About 1,300 individuals and families have signed up for the service. Deephaven becomes the 27th public safety agency to use the app.

Deephaven Police Chief Cory Johnson said he believes the app will be a valuable resource to his officers as well as a great asset to vulnerable individuals living in Deephaven.

“Having access to information in real time can only help us to our jobs better,” Johnson said. “Our officers are excited to use the Vitals™ app. We believe it will help us better protect vulnerable residents.”

To learn more about Vitals™ or to sign-up, visit thevitalsapp.com.


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