COVID-19: Actionable Steps to Take Today

Good Afternoon, 

The safety of our users will always be our top priority. Vitals™ is constantly exploring new ways to offer innovative services that impact people living with underlying health issues.

I want to recognize and praise our first responders for working countless hours, who don’t have the luxury of practicing social distancing while performing their duties to the protect the health and safety of all of us across this state and nation.

Vitals™ is a great resource for people living with autism and other developmental disabilities. I want to stress that Vitals™ also serves people with conditions such as anxiety, memory loss, diabetes, allergies, and seizures. I consider Vitals™ a living, breathing medical alert bracelet.

Here are 2 actionable steps you should take today:

  1. Review your account profiles. Remember to update profiles with a recent photo,
    existing conditions, emergency contact information, etc. Make sure that you include personalized information that could help a first responder interact with you or loved
    one at the time of stress or duress.
  2. Replace old batteries in your Vitals™ beacons. It only takes a couple minutes, but it’s critical to ensuring that our technology is working properly. To obtain new batteries click here.

Coming Soon: a new feature designed specifically for users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expect an announcement later this week.

As we continue learning to adjust to this new normal, please take a moment to remember that you own a powerful resource in the Vitals™ App. Let’s all do our part to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe.

I’ll reach out to you again soon. Until then, stay safe!

Janeé Harteau


Vitals™ Aware Services