New App to Help Branson Police Officers to better interact with residents or guests who have special conditions or disabilities that make them vulnerable.

To sign up for the Vitals™ App, visit:  https://thevitalsapp.com/branson-launches-vitals-app/lp/

BRANSON, Mo – The Branson Police Department is announcing the launch of “Vitals,” a new app-based service that
will allow Branson Police Officers to better interact with residents or guests who have special conditions or disabilities.

This program uses Bluetooth technology to alert police if they are in the vicinity of any Vitals enrollees. If they are in the
vicinity of a Vitals enrollee, important information like medical information or behavior triggers will be pushed to the
officer’s smart phone. This will help them de-escalate or resolve a situation by providing a response catered to a person’s
specific needs and vulnerabilities.

“We get a lot of visitors. When we respond to suspicious person calls, we really have no idea what a person might be
going through. Vitals will give us that information immediately that will ensure compassionate and successful
interactions,” said Branson Police Chief, Jeff Matthews.

Janeé Harteau, president and CEO of Vitals™ Aware Services, said, “Having Vitals is like having an expert co-responder
with you to de-escalate situations and minimize an officer’s use of force. We are pleased to expand to Missouri, and
commend the Branson Police Department for being the first in the state to sign on.”

This program is being funded by the local Viet Nam Veterans group, Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 913 who
realized the importance of a service like this that is effective for any special needs, including war heroes who may have
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This program is available now for anyone who would like to sign up. For more information on this program, how it works
and to sign up, go to the Branson Police Department’s website at https://bransonmo.gov/216/Police.