Ambassador Program

Building safer communities together

Spreading the word 

We are a small business with a big dream of getting our service in the hands of as many people who need our service as possible and we would love your help!! Our team is looking for some motivated individuals, parents, and caregivers to help raise awareness and spread the word of Vitals™ to individuals and families throughout their communities. Become a Vitals Advocate or Ambassador and join us in our efforts in making the world safer place for people living with various conditions and disabilities! 

Vitals™ Advocate

“This is something for me that gives me great comfort when sending my son out, and Vitals™ has given him more independence and the ability to get out without me having to worry.”

Paula Bredburg

Vitals Advocacy Program

Have some extra free time and looking for something to fill it up?! Come be a Vitals™ Advocate! We are looking for individuals who share our vision for making safer communities, who want to make a difference in the world and who are excited to tell individuals about our service! 

The Vitals™ Advocacy program is a volunteer opportunity with no minimum time requirements – help out when you can! You will have chance to join us at our events, share your story, share other’s stories, develop new relationships, and get involved in your community! If you are interested in spreading the word or building your own Vitals™ Community, apply by clicking the button below!

“So thankful and proud to be a Vitals™ family and community here in Cadiz, Ohio! Hoping to spread the word and build users in our town and across our state.”

Amanda Deluca 

Vitals™ Ambassador

Vitals™ Ambassador Program

The Vitals™ Ambassador Program is an exclusive opportunity to help engage, grow and build safer environments in and around your community. As a Vitals™ Ambassador, you will gain great relationships, touch the lives of many different people and be apart of a new change! If you are interested in becoming a Vitals Ambassador, please apply by clicking the button below! 

Endless Opportunities 

  • Build Safer Communities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Create New Relationships
  • Touch Many Lives with Outreach
  • Become part of the Vitals™ team
  • Share your story

Join our Facebook Community!

We have a growing community of followers on our Facebook page and we would love for you, your friends and family to join us as we continue to build awareness and touch the lives of people all across the country! See what were doing in and around your community and get updates on our latest and greatest! We want YOU to be apart of this amazing movement in making the world a safer place! 

Need More Information?

See our FAQs for further details. We’d appreciate hearing from you! By working together, we can make the world safer for vulnerable individuals. It starts with you!