About Us

Building safer communities together 

Our Story

Vitals™ Aware Services, is a Twin Cities-based company building technology for social good. Founded in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, Vitals™ has launched in August of 2017 in St. Paul. It has expanded to many cities throughout the state with plans to launch in areas all across the country. 

We started this company by connecting with various non-profits, families, caregivers and first responders throughout Minnesota. We learned about the challenges that parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs face, and decided to work on solutions to solve some of their biggest challenges and concerns, one being the ability for individuals to communicate in times of crisis or escalation. When talking to first responders, we learned that their biggest concern was the lack of accessible and timely information during critical moments. Our solution is to use technology to bridge this gap of communication to both first responders and individuals in times of crisis. 

In August of 2017, our service the Vitals™ App, was launched in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota. 

We have recently surpassed the 1,000-member mark. We celebrate this milestone and thank all involved in helping us impact 1,000 lives!

Since the 2017 launch, we have welcomed 25 new law enforcement and other first responder agencies.  

Our Mission
To increase safety and independence for people living with invisible and visible conditions and disabilities, while also providing first responders with the information needed for safer interactions.
Our Vision
To create technologies that save lives, improve public safety, and connect communities around the world.
Our Values
To create change in the world by offering an affordable, one of a kind service that serves both first responders and individuals and families around the world.

We believe in using technology for social good.

We believe in using technology that saves lives and protects communities 

We believe we all have a role in making the world a safer place 

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We have a growing community of followers on our social media channels and we would love for you, your friends and family to join us as we continue to build awareness and touch the lives of people all across the country! See what were doing in and around your community and get updates on our latest and greatest! We want YOU to be apart of this amazing movement in making the world a safer place! 

Need More Information?

See our FAQs for further details. We’d appreciate hearing from you! By working together, we can make the world safer for vulnerable individuals. It starts with you!