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Vitals™ Aware Services, is a Twin Cities-based company building technology for social good. Founded in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, Vitals™ launched in August of 2017 in St. Paul. It has expanded to many cities throughout the state with plans to launch in areas all across the country in 2019. 

We started this company by connecting with various non-profits, families, caregivers and first responders throughout Minnesota. We learned about the challenges that parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs and various conditions face, and decided to work on solutions to solve some of their biggest challenges and concerns, one being the ability for individuals to communicate effectively when in times of crisis or escalation. When talking to first responders, we learned that their biggest concern was the lack of accessible and timely information during critical moments. Our solution is to use technology to bridge this gap of communication to both first responders and individuals in times of crisis.

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Meet the team

We have a wonderfully talented group of individuals here at Vitals™ Aware Services! Here’s your chance to take a look at the people who are working hard every day to make the Vitals™ app possible for communities around the country!

Janeé Harteau | President

Chief Janeé Harteau (retired) was Minneapolis' 52nd Police Chief and the first female chief in the city’s history. She initiated MPD 2.0 immediately after she became chief, systematically changing accountability and transparency within the Department while maximizing officer performance and opportunities for advancement within the organization. This is one of the reasons Fortune Magazine named her one of the world's top 50 leaders in April 2017.

Steve Mase | CEO

Steve Mase has spent the majority of his career using data to develop and drive company after company. With Vitals™ Aware Services being his latest company, Steve now serves as the acting CEO and CTO at Vitals™, developing technology for social good with potentially life-saving benefits. Steve plans to expand Vitals™ across the nation as he sees a huge value in having real-time data delivery for critical moments.

Chris Kokal | Vice President

As Vice President of the Vitals™ Network, Chris Kokal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in disability programs and social services. With extensive experience in federal and state funding streams and mechanisms and serving as former president for a residential services provider, Chris will lead our efforts in growing the Vitals™ Network and spreading its reach across the country.

Dawn Peterson | Operations Director

Dawn Peterson joined the Vitals™ team most recently with a background working in public safety sector, but has been a game changer in the human services industry as the founder and director of a cutting edge residential care organization. She believes that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard, we just need to understand how to hear it.

Stan Alleyne | Chief of Communications

Previously the chief of communications for Minneapolis Public Schools and senior consultant at a premier Twin Cities communications consulting agency, Stan Alleyne offers over 20 years of experience in communications and public relations. At Vitals™, Stan oversees communications and partnerships with a heavy involvement in Vitals Network for Schools as he understands the large impact it will have on the educational experience.

Lauren Shifflett | Marketing Director

Lauren Shifflett comes to the Vitals™ team with a background in marketing, graphic design and social media marketing. She continues to develop skills in her new role. Lauren's skill for communicating through visual design combined with her passion for building safer communities for all people makes her one of our key team members at Vitals™ Aware Services!

Kris Arneson | Public Safety Regional Manager

Kris is a seasoned professional in law enforcement, non-profit leadership and education with over 32 years of broad experience. Kris is a subject matter expert in community policing, law enforcement administration, domestic violence advocacy, leadership development and procedural justice. As a leader Kris’ approach is hands on and impactful. The people Kris works with continue to return to her for her strategic thinking, bold execution skills and guidance.

GL Hoffman | Investor Relations

Founder and director of Value Unlock, the business incubator that created Vitals™ Aware Services, GL Hoffman has spent most of his entrepreneurial career developing new businesses, two of which successfully lead to IPO. He also is the founder of Assume Goodwill, a group of individuals that help non-profit organizations by brainstorming solutions of day-to-day challenges.

Frank "Buz" Mertes | Advisor

After a decade in the investment business, Buz joined GE and over the next 30 years held leadership roles in sales and business development, operations, loss mitigation, e-business and process re-engineering. Buz brings his broad range of experience to the Vitals™ team serving as an advisor to help us with our growth and business development efforts.

Matt Hansen | Enterprise Account

Our newest addition to Vitals™, Matthew Hansen has worked six years as a Direct Support Professional for people with developmental disabilities. He also served as a Director of Sales and Marketing for the Minnesota Division of a Home Healthcare company and is currently the owner of Mercarik Assistive Technology. Matthew understands the dynamics of supporting people in their own home or wherever their technology needs arise.

Officer Rob Zink | Public Safety Advisor

Also known as the "Autism Cop", Officer Rob Zink was part of the initial focus group that started Vitals™ Aware Services. Having a child on the autism spectrum, he helped developed Cops Autism Response Education, (CARE) a program that trains officers on how to approach people with autism by doing things like turning off their lights and sirens and how best to approach and communicate. He serves as a public safety advisor on the Vitals™ team.

Proud Partners of

Proud Partners of: 

Raving Reviews!

“The app REALLY helped”

“The app really helped..it was AMAZING! I needed it the day after I signed up to find my daughter!”

– Jacklyn T, parent of special needs child

“We’ve heard passionate residents talk about Vitals™”

“As a law enforcement officers, we have to make quick, decisive decisions. This is one component that can make some interactions safer or smoother. It makes sense to us.”

– Deputy Pickar, Crow Wing County

“This gives me great comfort sending my son out!”

“This is something for me that gives me great comfort when sending my son out, and Vitals™ has given him independence and the ability to go out without me having to worry!”

– Paula B , parent of special needs child 

Impact Investors

Our work has been made possible by the investments of friends, family members and individuals that were looking to make a social impact in society. We would not be where we are today without these forward-thinking people and their generosity. 

Looking to do social good, make an impact, and get a substantial return out of it? We would love to connect with you to discuss investment opportunities. With investments like yours, it will help Vitals™ with the resources they need to expand and provide peace of mind to communities all across the country. Contact us below for more information on investment opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you!

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We have a growing community of followers on our social media channels and we would love for you, your friends and family to join us as we continue to build awareness and touch the lives of people all across the country! See what were doing in and around your community and get updates on our latest and greatest! We want YOU to be apart of this amazing movement in making the world a safer place! 


To increase safety and independence for people living with invisible and visible conditions and disabilities, while also providing first responders with the information needed for safer interactions.


To create change in the world by offering an affordable, one of a kind service that serves both first responders and individuals and families around the world.


To create technologies that save lives, improve public safety and connect communities around the world. 


At Vitals™ we promise to deliver services that bring communities together, empower individuals to live better lives and create services that provide greater peace of mind for families, individuals, caregivers and service providers .