An app that saves lives and increases safety

Vitals™ is a FREE app designed to help individuals with various conditions and disabilities communicate with first responders, providers & educators in real time. 

Improving Safety, Communication and Independence

The Vitals™ app enables safer community interactions by allowing individuals with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities to create and share a personalized digital profile with authorized first responders via a secure, mobile app – improving real-time communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, and promoting greater independence.

The Vitals™ Network



– Individuals w/ invisible and visible conditions and disabilities (mental health, developmental, behavioral and intellectual)
– Senior citizens
– Parents and guardians
– Caregivers

First Responders

– Law Enforcement
– Fire departments  
– Emergency response
– Security
– School resource officers
– Crisis intervention responders
– Government entities

Educators & Providers

– Residential and day settings
– Schools and colleges 
– Special education departments
– Non-profits
– Advocacy groups
– Corporations

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for Vulnerable Individuals


for PROVIDERS & educators

real time

for First Responders

The vitals™ profile

Critical information provided in seconds

The Vitals™ App allows caregivers and individuals to create and manage a personalized profile including important information about themselves to help inform first responders about their various specialized needs and conditions.

Personalized profile

Include critical information for first responders: name, photo, age, height, weight, primary conditions, behavior triggers, de-escalation techniques and caregiver contact information.

De-escalation Techniques

Include personal audio and visual messages and techniques designed to help first responders interact in a crisis situation.

Private and Secure

Profiles are protected with bank-level security and only shared with authorized first responders who are in proximity to a Vitals™ beacon.

Emergency Contacts

Add as many emergency contacts to your Vitals™ profile - giving first responders easy access to a phone number in an emergency situation.

First Responder Interactions

See a map view of where a Vitals™ interaction occurred between the first responder and Vitals™ beacon.

Update any time, anywhere

Provide and update the most current information for the most critical moments at any time with a click of a button.

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Get the latest updates on news, events, new partners, departments, and all things happening at Vitals™! 

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The Vitals™ app saved my life

I absolutely love knowing that if something happens to me, first responders will know critical information about my illnesses and address the situation stated on my profile.

– Jack H, Vitals user

Now I can help them easier and better

“No more guessing what I think is going to help, what they KNOW is going to help, through their own personal experiences. Now I can help them easier and much better.” 

– Deputy Gonder, Dakota County Sheriff

Vitals™ is the perfect resource for our participants

“We believe Vitals™ is the perfect resource for our participants. It’s great that the technology will help keep them safe while on the campus, at work or at social events.”

– Amy Gudmestad , Minnesota Independence College Community Executive Director

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