A New APP To Keep People Safe

Vitals™ is a new app that helps protect people with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities by voluntarily communicating critical information in real time to law enforcement and first responders.

Increasing Safety. Communication. Independence.

Vitals enables safer community interactions by allowing individuals with visible and invisible disabilities to create and share a personalized digital profile with authorized first responders via a secure, mobile app – improving real-time communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, and promoting greater independence.
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The vitals™ profile


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Easily Create and Manage a Vitals™ Profile
  • Include information most helpful in a crisis for you  and/or loved one.
  • Personalize with audio and video de-escalation  methods.
  • Update any time with the click of a button.
Stories of hope

“Vitals is a life saver because it has saved my child’s life. Without this, I think I would be a mother grieving for my child instead of celebrating life with him; everyone should have this.”

Maria Caldwell

Vitals Community

“I feel better knowing that my mom has Vitals™ so that if she wanders away and has an interaction with the police or first responders, they will understand my mother’s condition and how to contact me or another family member.”


Jennifer T, Daughter of parent with dementia

“The Vitals™ service gives me peace of mind and my son greater independence in the community by providing immediate instruction for police officers to know how to interact with my son if the situation requires intervention.”


Charlene D, Mother of son with autism

Our goal is to increase security and independence for people living with emotional, intellectual and behavioral disabilities, while also providing first responders with the information needed for safer interactions.