Congratulations to Dakota County for joining our efforts in making the world a safer place for our most vulnerable!

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Vitals™ Aware Services

Peace of mind.
Every day.

Vitals™ protects human life and strengthens communities by helping families provide first responders with insight about loved ones living with disabilities.
Vitals™ Aware Services

Vitals™ is there when you can't be

In partnership with law enforcement & first responders, Vitals™ helps make communities safer for people living with disabilities.
Vitals™ Aware ServiceS

Hope for the future

Vitals™ gives individuals the freedom, independence and ability to live better lives.

Service without boundaries

Every where you go
Use Vitals™ Aware Services in your hometown or wherever you go.

Provide critical information instantly to first responders.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our service never sleeps.

Helping individuals and families living with disabilities

Vitals™ Aware Services is a great resource for people living with emotional, intellectual and behavioral disabilities. Our service improves communication, increases independence and allows first responders access to the information they need to create safer interactions.


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Personal Profile
Help safety personnel identify
your loved one with a photo,
nickname, age, height and
Autism, Epilepsy, PTSD,
Dementia, or other mental
health disorders
Caregiver Contact Info
Provide phone numbers for
multiple caregivers

through profiles

Triggers & Techniques
Help first responders communicate and make more informed decisions using tailored approaches when interacting with your loved one
De-escalation Videos
Record video clips that connect with individuals in a personal, effective, and calming way; caregivers can upload the individual's favorite video clip or an audio file of the caregiver's voice
Vulnerable individuals

Communicate without a voice

Vitals™ amplifies your voice and gives you more confidence to interact with law enforcement when under stress or duress.
First Responder

Enhancing interactions and safety

Vitals™ gives officers and first responders real-time information needed to create safer interactions with vulnerable people in the communities they serve.

Critical data controlled by you, protected by us

Get started simply and securely
  • Set up your account in minutes.
  • User data is encrypted with bank-level security.
  • All data is stored in our secure and private cloud.

Making the world a safer place

By joining Vitals™ you're participating in a growing effort to create safer communities for vulnerable individuals living with emotional, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

3 easy steps

Sign up
Create your profile
You're in control
Sign up today and we will include a FREE Vitals™ beacon with your Vitals™ service.
Your monthly service plan allows you to create up to 5 profiles in your Vitals™ Caregiver App.
Instantly update any profile with the critical information you need to share with law enforcement & first responders.
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Flexible price options

Monthly Service
Includes FREE Vitals™ Beacon; a $20 value.
Annual Service
Includes FREE Vitals™ Beacon; a $20 value.

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