Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Vitals™ is offering its services free of charge. See more below!

Vitals App Profile

Safer interactions for
vulnerable individuals

Our Bluetooth device paired with our one-of-a-kind app, offer a real-time safety service for vulnerable individuals. Utilizing personalized information sharing to enable safer interactions and enhance better communication and understanding between them and first responders.  

Get Started in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Order a Vitals™ Beacon. You will need a beacon to pair with The Vitals App!

Step 2: Download The Vitals™ App on your smartphone or tablet. Free trial for 6 months!

Step 3: Create your account and Vitals™ Profile inside The Vitals™ App. Add critical information, de-escalation techniques, medications, triggers and more. 

How it works

Each individual using the Vitals™ service carries a small Bluetooth device that is synced to their Vitals™ profile. First responders, using Vitals™, who come within 80 feet of the beacon, get automatically notified about the individual’s critical information. 

New COVID-19 Alert

Vitals™ to launch new COVID-19 feature to help first responders and individuals who are at heightened risk due to age, compromised immune systems and underlying medical conditions.

For the sake of everyone's safety, the Vitals™ service will be offered free to any user during COVID-19 including public safety and health care personnel.

The Only Bluetooth Device Designed to Enhance Communication, Safety and Independence

A proven service that helps individuals achieve the level of safety and independence they desire when out in their community and beyond. Vitals acts as a living, breathing medical ID, delivering critical information in real time to first responders, care providers and educators. 

Get started by ordering a Vitals™ Beacon!

Each Beacon requires a $4.99/mo subscription to our Vitals™ app. EXTENDED 6 MONTH TRIAL DURING COVID-19!

Standard Beacon - FREE

FREE for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Use code: COVID19 at checkout. 

Tag Beacon

Small, lightweight beacon to be used as a keychain, put in a wallet or attached to a phone.

Wristband Beacon

Small waterproof beacon that comes with a non-removable medical band to ensure maximum safety.

Bridging the Information Gap

Vitals™ enables safer interactions by allowing individuals with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities to create and share a personalized digital profile with authorized first responders via a secure, online portal and mobile app – improving real-time communication, reducing the risk of misunderstandings, and promoting greater independence.


for Vulnerable Individuals


for PROVIDERS & educators

real time

for First Responders

Wherever you go, Vitals™ does the communicating for you!

The first ever Bluetooth-enabled device and app that communicates your information in real-time to first responders – reducing the risk for misunderstandings, enhancing individual safety and enabling safer more positive interactions. Explore some of our features below.


Critical Information

Communicating critical information is important to ensuring safe and effective interactions with first responders in sensitive moments. Include primary conditions, de-escalation techniques, triggers, medication and more. Let your Vitals™ profile do the talking for you.

De-escalation Techniques & Behavior Triggers

Include personal audio and visual messages and techniques designed to help reduce language barriers and improve interactions. Inform first responders about words, actions and behaviors that may inadvertently escalate a situation.

Vitals™ HomeBase

Know in real-time if and when your loved one has left the area. Using Bluetooth, HomeBase sends you notifications when your Vitals™ App no longer senses your loved one's beacon.

Private & Secure

Know in real-time if and when your loved one has left the area. Using Bluetooth, HomeBase sends you notifications when your Vitals™ App no longer senses your loved one's beacon.

Let your community know about the Vitals™ service

We provide services and programs for public safety, education, healthcare providers.  Help us spread the word by sharing some information! Download our free service overview document.  

Download our free
service overview!

Vitals™ news

Get our the latest updates on news, events, new partners, departments, and all things happening at Vitals™! 

Vitals™ news

Get the latest updates on news, events, new partners, departments, and all things happening at Vitals™! 

Get your beacon and download The Vitals™ app today!

Improve communication, increase safety, gain peace of mind and create greater independence for you or a loved one. Available online and through the use of a smartphone app. Start today for a safer tomorrow. 


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People are loving the Vitals™ service

The Vitals™ app saved my life

I absolutely love knowing that if something happens to me, first responders will know critical information about my illnesses and address the situation stated on my profile.

– Jack H, Vitals user

Now I can help them easier and better

“No more guessing what I think is going to help, what they KNOW is going to help, through their own personal experiences. Now I can help them easier and much better.” 

– Deputy Gonder, Dakota County Sheriff

Vitals™ is the perfect resource

“We believe Vitals™ is the perfect resource for our participants. It’s great that the technology will help keep them safe while on the campus, at work or at social events.”

– Amy Gudmestad , Minnesota Independence College Community Executive Director

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