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Vitals creates safer interactions among law enforcement, first responders and people with behavioral, mental health, physical and developmental conditions by providing vital information in critical situations.

How Vitals Works

Vitals equips you or your loved one with a profile that provides critical information to first responders in times of crisis.


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Join our movement to make the world a safer place by signing up for the Vitals Service.
The Vitals Caregiver App allows you to manage each individuals profile with the most up to date information about their conditions, triggers, de-escalation techniques, medications, caregiver contact info and more.
Connect each Vitals Profile to a Vitals Beacon. When authorized First Responders are within 80 feet of a Vitals Beacon they will receive an alert and secure access to the Vitals Profile.

What makes Vitals so critical for your community?

Vitals Service provides critical information to authorized First Responders, including:
Individual Information
Each Vitals profile includes an individuals name, photo, age, height and weight.
Primary & Secondary Conditions
Examples include:

Autism, epilepsy, PTSD,
dementia and, other mental
health disorders.
De-Escalation Techniques &
Behavior Triggers
Helps law enforcement communicate and make more informed decisions.
Video Clips & Contact Information
Connects with individuals in a personal, effective, and calming way.

Individuals, Families & Caregivers

Vitals helps improve communication, increase understanding and creates independance for anyone living with invisible disabilities.

“I live in constant fear that the police will overreact to my child when she’s scared or nervous.”

- Mother of young woman with Autism

First Responders

Vitals enhances and elevates policing, protects lives and builds community across cities, counties, states and beyond.

“Vitals has given me a better tool and changed the way I police in my community .”
- Officer Rob Z

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We've launched in Minnesota, let us know where to bring Vitals next.


Powered by the community. Trusted by police. Loved by families.

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