Bridging the communication gap

Sharing complex medical conditions, information, de-escalation techniques, and behavior triggers with first responders can be difficult when in a crisis. Vitals makes it easy. Watch how!


Vitals™ allows you to stay connected with your loved one.

  • Create a unique profile of your loved one's critical conditions and/or disabilities
  • Choose a Vitals™ Bluetooth device and connect it to your loved one's profile via the Vitals™ App
  • Receive real-time alerts when your loved one elopes or wanders
  • Share your loved one's information in real-time with first responders
Vitals bluetooth device for medical ID App

Safer Interactions

Vitals™ communicates critical information directly to a first responder about an individual’s specific conditions,  behavior triggers and de-escalation techniques in real-time – enabling safer interactions and positive outcomes.

Peace of Mind

Preventing the dangers of medical emergencies and wandering in real-time. Keep your wander prone loved one safer in their home. Receive real-time alerts when they stray too far from you. Help your loved one stay safe, increase the longevity of living at home and get peace of mind.

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step one

Order a Vitals™ Bluetooth device. This device is used and worn by the vulnerable individual. It helps share critical information and gives you real-time alerts when they wander off.

Step two

Download the Vitals™ App on your smartphone device or tablet. Available on Android and iOS.
Free trial for 30 days!

Step three

Create your account and Vitals™ Profile inside the Vitals™ App. Add critical information, de-escalation techniques, medications, triggers and more.

senior utilizing a medical ID app


Real-time Medical ID

The only digital medical ID shared with first responders in real-time. Reduce the risk of misunderstandings during medical or mental health emergencies.

Vitals™ gives you the ability to share critical information such as disabilities and conditions, allergies, behavior triggers, de-escalation techniques, medications, emergency contact info and more!


Wandering Alerts

Vitals™ HomeBase gives parents and caregivers greater peace of mind knowing they will be immediately alerted when the person in their care elopes or wanders.

Vitals App Wandering alert feature


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Young child with a medical ID app profile